Mezzanine Floor Warehouse Construction

A warehouse mezzanine floor is mainly an extra raised platform which is supported by steel columns and is independent of the host building. It allows you to create additional floor space from wasted air space above your existing work and storage areas. It can be used to create an extra office, storage, production, or even retail space. This may be double or triple the amount of space available. This is the most cost-effective and efficient way of increasing the floor space and storage capacity and is a rapid alternative to relocation with very little disruption.

warehouse mezzanine floor in dubai
warehouse mezzanine floor in Dubai

Advantages Of Constructing A Mezzanine Floor Warehouse

  • It gives additional bulk storage space
  • Additional space for long span shelving and modular shelving systems
  • It can support high loads 
  • We get more production area
  • It provides picking and packing areas
  • We get more space for the installation of machineries
  • Production and administration offices
  • Increase productivity and the efficiency of their operations.
  • It has flexible to adapt to changes in demand

How Much Does Mezzanine Floor Warehouse Construction Cost?

The cost of the mezzanine floor is all based on the use and the requirements of the mezzanine floor. Because mezzanine floors are bespoke structures and it is very difficult to tell about the price without the site survey and design.

Surely, they are cheaper than the cost of acquiring a new building or sourcing external storage space. If you are planning to acquire a mezzanine floor by lease or hire purchase. The cost of the monthly payment will be surely lower than the amount you generate below or above the mezzanine floor by increasing your business output potential.

How Does The Mezzanine Floor Warehouse Get Installed?

If you are looking at your warehouse space by its cubic capacity rather than its 2D footprint, you need to obtain a quotation for your mezzanine floor. The best option is to contact our mezzanine floor specialist to visit your premises to identify the possibilities we are providing the services detailed below.

Site Survey

Because every warehouse is different and mezzanine floors are bespoke structures dependent on their specific requirements, the only way to provide an accurate quotation would be to complete a site survey.

Depending on the size of the warehouse, the survey takes a couple of hours, during which time the physical aspects will be surveyed. This time is for the surveyor to capture your brief and for you to explain to the surveyor what your requirements are.

Expert Design and installation

By completion of the survey next part of the process is to draw up the survey using computer software usually by AutoCAD. the designer designs a mezzanine floor in line with your brief and the site conditions.

The ultimate role of a designer is to make the mezzanine floor allowing your company to operate fluently below and above the mezzanine floor with little disruption. It’s also the job of the designer to design the mezzanine with the budget in mind. Our designer will design the mezzanine with the minimum requirement of the materials so the cost would be reduced and the cost of the project would be minimum.

Why to Choose Us?

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