concrete mezzanine floor in dubai

We are providing concrete mezzanine floor in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and all part of the emirates. Concrete mezzanine floor construction is durable types. Its design have high point load and less noise transmission through the floor. A concrete floor consists of corrugated steel VL decking. A concrete mezzanine is usually used in high-capacity industrial or in military applications. All is due to its durability and it is popular as a permanent floor system. This give a pour stop to expand the concrete floor up to 6-inch.

It has fire resistance, as concrete is a material that is not combustible. This provides a floor that is fire-resistant, enabling you to meet some of the different requirements that are in place in this regard. There are a number of other advantages associated with going down this concrete mezzanine floor. This includes the fact that there is a low cost of maintenance, damp resistance, the speed of construction, and stiffness. Another important benefit is the energy efficiency of this type of flooring. Concrete floors have high thermal mass, which can be utilized for improving the internal environment and lowering the energy demand for thermal comfort. 

Benefits of concrete mezzanine floor

It Increases the space without having to move business location

It is cost efficient way to maximize the space

Speedy install time with minimal disruption to your business

Improve business output & performance by utilizing all available space & organizing it to suit your specific needs

It has excellent fire protection & lighting options available


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