Spiral Staircase in Dubai

Spiral Staircase in Dubai

Spiral Staircase in Dubai

We are providing spiral staircase in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and all other part of the emirates. We have been designing and installing spiral staircase to our commercial, industrial and residential clients throughout the UAE. Spiral staircase is available in stainless steel, marine grade aluminum and galvanized steel versions. Also, we can go with wood handrails or wood treads are available.

We are providing different types of staircase like Spiral glass stairs, Spiral concrete stairs, Spiral wood stairs, circular spiral stairs.

Spiral glass stairs

We provides spiral staircase in dubai with glass treads. The treads are either round at the side or angular which is adjusted to the wall shape based on the requirement. We are doing the spiral glass stairs with a special design. Our spiral staircase Sky-Screw is available as all-glass staircase and in wood and concrete. All the options do not show steel elements. Usually the railing is curved glass, hanging from the ceiling. The exact shape of treads and finishing can be made to the requirements.

Spiral concrete stairs

We are providing spiral staircase in Dubai with concrete which give us ultra-modern look. Spiral concrete stairs do not have a very special effect on the surrounding. The natural concrete is very cold but mixed with marble dust you can create warm impressions and it can be adjusted to all floor types and house styles. 

Spiral wood stairs

We also providing spiral wood stairs in all over UAE. Spiral stair can also be finished in wood. Timber has an unreached natural character and it has a nativeness which no other material can reach. Wood is the base of stair building art and after all the years stairs are being used in houses you can still create innovative and new design impressions in modern architecture with spiral wood stairs. 

Advantages – Spiral Staircase in Dubai

  • Fast Installation, Easy to Assemble – can be installed by two people in less than a day, using regular tools and no expensive equipment
  • Standard Staircase can be installed in either counterclockwise or clockwise direction
  • Space Saving
  • Available in any height or diameter
  • It has hidden Welds

Purpose of choosing spiral staircase in Dubai from us

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