Rolling shutter in Dubai

Rolling shutter in Dubai

We are providing a rolling shutter in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. Our services and repair works are completely complying with your specific requirement and up to your satisfaction. Roller shutters and exterior blinds increase the value of your house. They make your home safer, you need less energy, your indoor climate improves and your house receives an individual mark. Products like automatic doors, gates, barriers, and shutters are bit complicated and expensive to manage. It has to fix immediately for your best safety. Hence, we draw out affordable packages of annual maintenance contract to provide service at the scheduled periods throughout the year. We know how important is rolling shutter for your business. Customers can get a complete package for maintenance of all kinds of doors and shutters at any time during the year

Advantages-Roller Shutter In Dubai

Energy Saving

  • Roller shutters made of aluminium provide an ideal insulation against heat, coldness and noises
  • Built-on elements are the number one energy savers. By mounting the shutters to the face of the building the insulation of the brickwork will not be reduced
  • No thermal bridges on top of the windows, that generate uncomfortable feelings
  • Fully automated control units close the curtain in case of strong solar radiation, nightfall or whenever you wish to do so – once set, energy is saved permanently
  • Comfortable control system, and easy retrofitting with less effort, less expensive


The roller shutters provide you highest security. Against burglary (security shutters) and,

  • For thermal insulation (Super ThermR2),
  • Protection against severe weather events like storm and hail. 100 % security for your home

Sun Protection and Views

  • Roller shutter and exterior blinds are opaque, thus guaranteeing your privacy.
  • Roller shutter protect your furniture and plants against too much solar radiation. The heat is kept outside and the climate in your living room gets so comfortable
  • Fully automatic control units close your roller shutter in case of strong solar radiation or whenever you like, preferably via radio
  • Furniture will have much longer life
  • Less expensive than you might think

Why to choose rolling shutter in Dubai from us?

If you are looking for high quality rolling shutter in Dubai, we sure that your search ends with us. We served many clients with rolling shutter in Dubai and surrounding counties by ensure the quality, maintenance with affordable services. So, Contact Us at +971528078039 or email us on today for a no commitment free quotation. We also give you a space to visit or send you a quote via email. Our team will be available for 24/7 to cover all your needs.