Industrial Steel Fabrication

Industrial Steel Fabrication in Dubai

We are providing industrial steel fabrication in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. We provide a wide range of steel fabrication services in industrial, commercial, and residential projects. We have a specialised team in our company they are experienced accredited professionals with knowledge and hands-on approach to projects from start to completion. 

We offer a range of steel manufacturing and installation services including:

Cost & Material Estimation

We are able to provide accurate cost and materials estimates based on the plans provided for estimate. We examine plans thoroughly and apply accurate material and quantity calculation methods which produces reliable production and assembly costing estimates. You can forward your plans to us and we would be glad to offer an estimate on your project.


Our Drafting Department is operated by qualified experts in draft and design and use state-of-the-art software technology to produce accurate and reliable drawings and designs for projects regardless of their size, big or small.

Assembly & Construction

For structural steel constructions, we employ a team of trained specialists and riggers who have the proper licences and accreditation required for this work. We are able to work on any job that is assigned to us from simple tasks right through to portal framed steel structures or multi-level apartment complexes.

Industrial Steel Fabrication in Dubai

Crane, Access Equipment & Machinery 

Crane, Access Equipment & Machinery 

We own and operate mobile cranes and other machinery varying is size and purpose. This allows us to carry out steel construction, assembly and structural framing using the appropriate equipment and in a safe manner. Equally important, the use of the right cranes and access equipment means that the construction is reliable and the assembly is correct and accurate. We employ riggers and qualified licensed machine operators who operate and maintain our fleet of crane, scissor lifts, booms, and other equipment. The riggers we employ can handle any job they are assigned.

Why to choose us for Industrial Steel Fabrication in Dubai?

If you are looking for Industrial steel fabrication in Dubai, we sure that your search ends with us. We served many clients with different types of Industrial steel fabrication in Dubai and ensure the quality, maintenance with affordable services. So, contact us at +971528078039 or email us on today for a no-commitment free quotation. We also give you a space to visit or send you a quote via email. Our team will be available 24/7 to cover all your needs.