Gypsum Partition In Dubai With FOUR SQUARE

We are providing Gypsum partition work in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu dhabi and all other part of the emirates. It looks great if you keep your home, office or restaurant by gypsum partition in a professional way. Our gypsum experts are perfect in such services like Fixing, Finishing and Repairing Gypsum. Fixing gypsum is an art form, also an exceptional fit-out job, which is essential for a perfect house interior. We give cost effective Gypsum partition work in dubai for all levels ranging from gypsum partition wall work to the installation of gypsum board ceilings.

We provide gypsum partition work in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all other part of the emirates which undertakes all types of gypsum partition works such as gypsum board works, gypsum board ceiling works, gypsum false ceiling work, etc. We are strengthened by a group of professional employees who are experts in styling and finishing with no compromise in quality. We are highly skillful when it comes to the gypsum partition work, installation of gypsum boards and gypsum walls. We also provide glass partitions and other aluminum works as well in addition to Gypsum partition work in dubai.

Advantage – Gypsum partition work in Dubai

  • Low weight Material
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Simple to install
  • Low Cost
  • Long life
  • Fire Resistant
  • Thermally insulated
  • Attractive finishing

Different types of gypsum board and applications

Regular Gypsum Board

This is normally white-colored on one side and brown on the other side. This is common type of Gypsum partition work in dubai that is used extensively

with no specific requirements.

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board

It is commonly called as green boards. it has moisture resistant green covering that makes it resistant to moisture as compared to regular

gypsum board. Although more expensive than regular boards, also this not entirely waterproof. Never install these on areas where there isalways water contact as it is gradually erode the boards. These boards are used in laundry rooms, kitchens and basements walls.

Plaster Baseboard

This is a special type of board which is used for veneer plastering. Its surface paper has very good absorption qualities that easily soaks up plaster like glue. It also features high water and mold resistance qualities that makes it ideal for an all-rounder partition board. This gypsum board greatly reduces noise when used as room partitions. This is used well in high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens for gypsum partition work in dubai.

Paperless Gypsum Board

This type of gypsum board uses fiberglass as covering which greatly improves its durability and resistance to molds and mildews. Although more durable than regular boards, it is easier to cut form to various shapes and sizes

Improved Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board

This type of gypsum board is more improved moisture resistant feature than green boards, purple gypsum boards are the way to go. It has great moisture and mold resistant quality that is ideal to be used for wall and ceiling applications especially in wet and moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Type X Gypsum Board

This gypsum board is also called fire-resistant drywall. This gypsum board is the best choice for an excellent fire-retardant building material. Type X gypsum board is made of special non-combustible fibers that makes it better in fire protection as compared to normal ones. Because of its more protective and durable nature, this also used as soundproofing material for gypsum partition work in dubai.

Sound proof Gypsum Boards

This gypsum superior in soundproofing properties which is ideal for entertainment rooms or music rooms where loud sounds must be bridle effectively.

Why to choose us for Gypsum partition work in dubai?

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Gypsum partition walls are often used to separate areas in the home, offices and exhibition centers. Getting the best gypsum wall partition company in Dubai is critical for the selected job. We provide a variety of gypsum partition works such as gypsum office wall partition, gypsum drywall partition, gypsum board partition, and so on. For the best gypsum partition installation services in Dubai, contact us today.

What is gypsum board ceiling?

Gypsum board is factory-manufactured from gypsum with water and a few additives, sandwiched between paper. 

Is gypsum board fire resistant?

Gypsum board which has a smooth surface and an increased density is reinforced with fiber glass to enhance fire resistance quality.

What is gypsum board used for?

 Gypsum board is used as partitions and linings of walls, ceilings, roofs and floors.