Aluminium Sandwich Panel Roofing in Dubai

Aluminium Sandwich Panel Roofing in Dubai
Aluminium Sandwich Panel Roofing in Dubai

We are providing aluminium sandwich panel roofing in dubai and other emirates of UAE. Sandwich panels as insulated trapezoidal sheet metal and metal roofing tiles or corrugated iron with geometry as an upper shell. Aluminium Sandwich Panels also known as Insulated Panels in which Insulation material is sandwiched between two layers of material like Steel, Aluminium, plywood. Insulation materials include Polyurethane Foam, Polyisocyanurate (PIR), Rockwool/Mineral Wool, Glasswool, Expanded or Extruded Polystyrene. Insulated Sandwich panels have high strength, energy saving insulation and also flexible for variety of constructions. It is having efficient insulation feature and high strength to wait ratio. It has Minimum Steel work and Load bearing foundation for installing these panels, long life, reduced erection time, maintenance free.

Where We Use Aluminium Sandwich Panel?

  • Roof coverings – metal roof
  • False ceilings
  • Warehouse buildings
  • Wallcoverings
  • Partitions
  • Sports halls
  • Workshops
  • Exterior walls
  • Shopping centers
  • Cold stores
  • Container

Advantages-Aluminium Sandwich Panel Roofing in Dubai

Fast and Easy Installation

Continuous line manufactured sandwich panels are in fully compatible and ready to assemble pieces that are prepared in the required dimensions, insulation types and colors based on the structure of your facility, with engineering and quality control processes conducted beforehand at the factory.

Aluminium Sandwich Panel Installation is very easy with the few joints on wide surfaces. By means of advanced transport opportunities and mechanical lifting equipment, the duration of carrying and cladding is remarkably shortened. So, your installation is delivered within a short time period, allowing you to save time.

Perfect Thermal Insulation

It has thermal insulation which means reducing the energy spent in winter for warming and in summer for cooling. Also, we take measures to prevent heat transmission with the objective to live in comfortable environments. Aluminium Sandwich panel is a building material, which is very suitable for thermal insulation.

Sandwich panel provides high thermal insulation by means of PUR, PIR, EPS and Mineral Wool insulation materials. Thermal insulation with sandwich panels prevents problems such as mold and humidity resulting from heat movements and condensation, and ensures your building to be robust and long-lasting. Thickness of the insulation material in the sandwich panel varies according to the load bearing capacity, regional conditions, the usage purpose of the building, and the thermal insulation value.

Investment Economy

In many types of buildings, you can save up on both building and installation time by selecting the appropriate sandwich panel. Thanks to its feature of easy mounting, you can conduct expansion and renovation works without interrupting everyday activities in the building. Moreover, the panels are both economic and practical as they can be disassembled and reused.

The lightness of sandwich panels allows you to gain advantage with regards to transport and main building costs. Also, their maintenance costs are low thanks to their durable structure.

Aesthetical Appearance of Your Buildings

The appearance of your building is just like the mirror of your dreams. That is the reason we add new ideas to our sandwich panels every day for the aesthetic of your buildings. You can enliven the outer walls of your building and obtain an aesthetic appearance with the sandwich panels designed in different colors and in a structure that enables them to be positioned horizontally, vertically or angular according to the decision.

Highly Fire Resistance

Sandwich panel is having fire insulation so we can able to slow down the spreading of fire within the building and its surroundings. Also, can ensure the safety of life and property in the building. While choosing sandwich panels for fire insulation, you have to consider the factor such as fire resistance and its duration as well as the size and height of your building.

Water and Air Tightness

Aluminium sandwich panels prevent air and water leakage they ensure the continuity of thermal insulation, heat is not lost at any point of your building. Therefore, you take the heating and cooling in your building under control and ensure energy efficiency. With a watertight structure, sandwich panels ensure active hydro-insulation against natural conditions such as snow and rain, and prevent humidity and mold. As they hinder corrosion on the load-bearing structures, they provide a healthy and comfortable environment in your building. Your building becomes stronger and more durable.

Noise-Free Buildings

Sound insulation is important in order to minimize the harmful effects of noise on humans and to leave out the unwanted sounds. Also, reduce the sound spreading around from noisy areas. Mineral wool insulation core and perforated sheet metal surface that lead to sound insulation features, acoustic sandwich panels used on the roof and walls to increase the productivity by creating healthy and comfortable spaces free from noise and prevent workplace accidents.

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