Aluminium Louvres in Dubai

Aluminium Louvres in Dubai

Aluminium Louvres in Dubai

We are providing aluminium louvres in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. Aluminium Louvres have been an important part of the architecture. People used aluminium louvres systems in the construction of their homes, mostly to protect themselves from the sun. Aluminium louvres are shutters that have horizontal slats that can be put into different angles to shade from the sun. In the present day we mainly place aluminium louvers for decorative purposes and architectural beauty. Louvres we’re often made, and sometimes are still made from wood. Modern aluminium louvres systems are built with metals like stainless steel, titanium, and aluminium. Occasionally louvres are also made of glass or copper. Louvre systems are also used in front doors, closets and ceilings. The use of louvres inside the home is often shading, ventilation, or just decoration. Aluminium louvres can be built to help sun control or temperature control for buildings. Many architects also choose louvres to decorate their design.

Aluminium Louvres Advantages

There are lot of advantages for using aluminium over other heavier metals. Especially when designing buildings it’s useful to take these advantages into consideration.

Light Weight

Aluminium is a light metal that weights around a third of the weight of steel. When designing the facade of your building aluminium will be a serious cost saver due to its easy installation compared to heavier metals like steel.

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminium has a protective oxide coating that protects it from corrosion naturally. It is a great advantage to any building. Aluminium louvres are the perfect choice if you want to design a building that lasts for several decades.


Aluminium is a very flexible metal and is easy to melt. Being flexible the aluminium louvres can always be custom designed to any need of the architect.

Easily Recyclable

Aluminium louvres and aluminium itself are easy to recycle without losing any of its quality. Recycling aluminium only takes 5% of the energy that it takes to produce it.

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